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    CPUforbrain Guest

    PS3 Demo units questions

    I got my hands on a demo unit from walmart and would like to know if there is any way I can get rid of the demo firmware and somehow put the standard ps3 firmware on it.

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    CJPC Guest
    You can not, at least not yet. Basically, you are stuck with the demo unit, you can unlock the demo mode if you have not already, there are codes posted per firmware in the forums!

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    CPUforbrain Guest
    Yea I got the codes, problem is I can't install any game or demo. Good this is I'm getting my money back from the friend and gona save it up for a "real" ps3. Thanks anyway.

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    idone Guest
    what fw is it on? and how much you paid for it?

    you in the usa?

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    CPUforbrain Guest
    It has 2.51 (demo) fw, I paid 100$ to a friend who hates ps3 and never tested it (got it from walmart he is a manager and they I guess were just goin to throw it away or something). And yea I'm in usa, but I already talked to him and he is getting me my money back this fri.

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    idone Guest

    just been looking for a cheap one on fw lower than 2.00 to play with infectus.

    good deal you got, and you would likely get more than $100 back if you ebay'd it.

    does your buddy at walmart have any of the demo discs to go with it by chance????

    looking for some with fw updates on them as i dont have any demo pup's lower than 2.10


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    CPUforbrain Guest
    Sorry didn't come with anything :/ cept an HDMI cable (I might jack that for when I get a "good" ps3 hah).

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    cnr0616 Guest

    Demo PS3

    I have a PS3 Demo from a CC liquidation sale but it has Demo 2.60.

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    ryanv Guest
    what is a demo unit?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by ryanv View Post
    what is a demo unit?
    Basically like the name implies, they are demonstration units set up in stores... for example, at wal-mart in the PS3 section they would set up a demo PS3 console and keep it running to show customers what the PS3 is capable of.

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