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    Confused PS3 demo mode unlock code help?

    like an idiot i just update my system from 2.20 to 4.23 and now i need another code can somebody help me out...!

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    For 4.21 the code was 0000 as posted, not sure if that will work for all the 4.2x's or not but you can try it for 4.23 and report back.

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    its unknown, have you tried 0000?

    New 4.23 shop firmware: http://fshop01.ps3.update.playstatio...updatelist.txt
    Link to 4.32 extracted:

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    Are you TLK from facebook?

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    yeah i tried that it didn't work

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    didn't even know there was a 4.23, i remember there being the optional 4.21

    well i guess you have already tried the obvious ones.

    i'd try 5843. thats the number that popped into my head for some reason.

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    i'm pretty new to this site and i just got the demo ps3... and the code i got for the version 4.23 is 4801.. but this isn't an actual full unlock. It only opened up the account creation, setting and etc but it wont allow me to go into store nor install games, funny thing is it wont even install demos.. so is there way to unlock it fully with another code ?? or do i have to do an alternative method..

    thanks in advance

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