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    DizzieBenZ Guest

    PS3 Demo Firmware 3.56 or upwards needed help?

    hey guys, i don't know who to turn to I'm almost ready to give up, I have a demo ps2 and I'm ready to buy new games like Fifa 12 that's releasing soon, and Killzone 3, but i need to update my firmware and i have 3.41. i can't find a demo update anywhere, can you please help me, if I could just get a link or something to download a demo firmware update 3.56 or higher?

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    Apr 2005


    If you don't mind updating your Demo PS3 to the latest Firmware, version 3.70 Demo/Shop Firmware is available here: http://dus01.ps3.update.playstation....b/PS3UPDAT.PUP

    You can also convert your Demo PS3 to a Retail unit though... if that interests you reply back and I will dig up some links for it.

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    DizzieBenZ Guest
    yeh sure why not... how do I do that??

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    Apr 2005

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    Foo Guest
    Ah Demo as in Test I'm taking it. I would say to stay on Debug firmware and just update to 3.70 debug then download your demos, then downgrade back down to whatever firmware you would like.

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    DizzieBenZ Guest
    so I need to update to 3.55 before I use the kisktoretail file? or i don't have to?? (P.S I havent updated the 3.70 yet I'm still waitin to see if I can do this kiosk to retail thing)

    Oh nvm... so lemme get this straight, kiosk2retail file is currently downloading... so I just have to use it as a normal update like how you normally update firmware?

    As of today, I am now 3.70 RETAIL firmware thanks to your help here, thanks a lot... why didn't I come here in the first place??

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