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Thread: Ps3 demo firmware

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    Mthodmn101 Guest

    Ps3 demo firmware

    I currently have a ps3 demo unit on 3.21 an need to upgrade to 3.41 but ethernet only allows 3.50... does anyone still have the .PUP for the 3.41 demo firmware? thanks

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    aamir007 Guest
    Check the Downloads Section.

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    TheShroomster Guest
    Isnt a demo just a locked retail unit?

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    Mthodmn101 Guest
    retail vs demo firmware are different... i only saw retail fw in the downloads section unless i missed the demo section.

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    Nobody (including us) archives the PS3 Demo Firmware because they are more neutered than Retail PS3 consoles unfortunately making them less desirable (plus the fact that you need unlock codes for each update).

    That said, the Demo PS3 Updater link is here with the latest version... this changes as Sony updates it so you may want to bookmark the page for the future. As for finding 3.41 Demo Firmware, you probably are better off getting a used Retail console sadly.


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