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    DissMYKick Guest

    PS3 Debugging station blackscreen help?

    I have a question and need urgent HELP! I was recently been banished him cod ghost then I wanted to change my CID so I changen.

    Also made ​​it with a specific program I've started my new ps3ita 4.50 and it was only blackscreen. Also I've heard that you 5 seconds at the start because start button have to press it went so I half landed in a debug station where my ip and has been my verson and so displayed. I could because home button and the home bar opened I wanted to but my ps3 multiman landed resist the black screen.

    After that I have read on the internet that one with the target manager to system software mode must verchseln went eingetlich but suddenly could no longer be viewed my cd and I could not log the timing sequence was in connection to the server. I ASK FOR HELP I'M LOOKING dringent THAT I HAVE BUILT WITH THE PROGRAM eigentlcih SHOULD GO HELP ME!!

    With Thanks in advance sorry FOR THE SPELLING

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    misiozol Guest
    M8 I would like to help you out but I have no idea what you are writing about

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    DissMYKick Guest
    ok thanks for the help !!

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