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Thread: ps3 debug self file help?

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    arktos Guest

    ps3 debug self file help?

    i accidently happen to run an unknown file from dev flash with mm. it is the file sys_tsma.self and only found on debug as it seems. it opens a debugger from sony i think but not sure. you devs sure know it?

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    CJPC Guest
    Yep - It's been known about for quite some time, ever since the first PS3 Test's managed to get into the wild, the files were examined and looked thru, and even more so recently!

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    arktos Guest
    ok, as i think, so what is it?

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    I did a quick search and it appears to reside in \dev_flash\sys\internal so it may be the tool service manager perhaps, if anyone knows for sure reply and I will +Rep ya!

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    arktos Guest
    tool service manager. ok that could it be. thanks. i think bitsbubba made a nfw pkg with an app called debugging station and this seems similar...

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