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    Shell 32 Guest

    PS3 Debug, how to launch backupped games?

    Hi everyone.

    Some days ago, i've found a PS3 debug station (I've updated it to FW 4.10), and i've tried to play some backupped games but it didn't work. I have tried to install multiman with the special patch for DEX, but when i try to launch it, the system crashes and get restarted. Then i have tried to use the integrated BD emulator function, but when i set [Blu-Ray Disc Access] on "BD emulator (USB)" the system doesn't recognizes the original discs, neither the backupped game on the USB drive.

    What should i do in order to make the system to recognize the backupped game, or, if it's possible, to launch multiman? thanks

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    iCEQB Guest
    Afaik you need a decrypted EBOOT.BIN and (if present) all .SPRX files, since the system can't decrypt those files like that, yet I remember reading that the system SHOULD read retail games fine and even play them, so someone needs to confirm that

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    EiKii Guest
    Well he just said that he wanted to play backed up games, i don't think it works with multiman, i read you have to use some app named ps3gen or similar to make the isos, i'm not sure tho, someone with a debug might answer it hehe but i doubt it works as a cfw

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    Shell 32 Guest
    Thanks for your help

    I think I'll wait someone with a debug...

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    CJPC Guest
    Yeah, especially at 4.10, you will have to manually decrypt everything as ICEQB said, then re-master it with ps3gen and burn it to BD-R, or write it to a USB HDD. This is a bit easier now (pre 3.6) since the keys are known, but still quite a pain.

    If you are interested in just running backups, you might want to use a retail console with a CFW.

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    Shell 32 Guest
    Yes, in fact i have a 3.55 PS3 with CFW, but i wanted to know if running backups were possible on a debug too. You know, to play 3.60+ games. Ok, that's not a problem. Maybe I'll try some day (SPRX are needed too?). Anyway, thanks everyone for your answers

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