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Thread: Which PS3 debug firmware should I install help?

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    ps3me Guest

    Which PS3 debug firmware should I install help?

    Hi, I just got a slim ps3 debug and I need to update it from 3.20 in order to play some games. I had found 3.72 debug firmware and tried to install it through the usb method but I got an 8002F827 error.

    I have searched and see that some are wanting to downgrade from 3.72. I gathered that it is more difficult to downgrade from any firmware 3.56 and above. Most of the download links I have come across for previous firmwares have been taking away or are invalid.
    Can someone help me out?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I don't know much about Debug PS3 units or firmware updates for that matter, but here ( are the download links for Debug firmware updates.

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