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Thread: PS3 data transfer questions help?

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    k9inpoop Guest

    PS3 data transfer questions help?

    if i have a ps3 on cfw and a ofw one and i do a data transfer from the ofw to the cfw one can i back-up the data and then transfer it back to the ofw? and have all the things from my ofw ps3 like dlc, games, themes etc.. on my cfw also? and can they tell if i transferred it to a cfw ps3. if so can i get banned for doing it?

    yes i know i'm a noob when it come to this stuff because i never had more then one ps3 until now

    ...look my post count is "69"

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    niwakun Guest
    patched DLC should work just fine in OFW via data transfer, PSN and other homebrews dont (unless it was patched to run in CFW 4.21), latest multiman will run OFW but will error something that related with invalid firmware, but yes you can play games on it by using direct boot. Showtime also works on it.

    to be short, anything that is signed under 4.21CFW or above will work also on OFW. Sony cant block their own private keys. Although they manage to block geohot's NPDRM pseudo-signing keys, so who knows maybe they can block it too in the future.

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    k9inpoop Guest
    no no no what im trying to say is if i do a data transfer FROM my ofw ps3 to my cfw ps3 and then back-up THAT data can i do another data transfer back to my ofw ps3? also after i data transfer it from my cfw back to my ofw ps3 with nothing else installed but the things i had on my ofw ps3 can i be banned from that?

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    dyceast Guest
    I have never done what you are asking, but I cant see why not... You back up your OFW PS3 to USB, then do a data transfer to your CFW PS3, then use the backup utility from you USB HDD back onto OFW.

    The only issue, which might not be an issue, is your CFW wont be able to play any of the PSN games you have higher then what ever firmware you are on e.g 3.55

    Now if you have on CFW 4.X well who knows about that one.

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