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Thread: PS3 Data Transfer help?

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    djsharris Guest

    PS3 Data Transfer help?


    I have a 40GB Fat console which had the YLOD. I sent it away to be reballed but it was returned as being beyond repair. I now have a new slim model so would like to transfer all the data over from the old HDD to the new console.

    I've searched the posts but the only relevant answers seem to be posted in 2009 which indicate that I'm stuffed. I've seen recent posts from this year about utilities which allow devs to read the slim HDD and was wondering if there was anything that has been released in the last few years that could help me with my problem.

    Is it possible to transfer the data across?
    Any advice?


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    misiozol Guest
    There is NO chance unless you have EID key from broken console either FAT or SLIM version are supported so u can decrypt HDD , means if console was on CFW3.55 and u have dumped it with eEID_RKDumper.pkg and saved on some laptop or flashdrive then it's possible , other wise you can say good bye to all data sadly

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