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    elser1 Guest

    PS3 data swapping help?

    i have to swap data transfer from my ofw ps3 3.73 to my cfw rebug ps3 so i can use my save files from my cfw ps3 on my ofw ps3..
    can i just go back to 3.41 ofw (dongle) use the 3.73 faker (sorry can't remember name right now) then do the data exchange or what?
    any ideas please help me.


    ahh thats right the 3.73 spoof... LOL can i use that and swap data?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Couldn't you just copy the save file onto a USB (from the "save data utility") and then insert the USB into another PS3 and load it into that PS3?

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    justev Guest
    To data transfer from a ofw 3.73 you need to spoof your cfw ps3 to the same version.

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    elser1 Guest
    for some reason the rebug spoof doesn't seem to work.. i'll have to get back on ofw then spoof then data transfer then go back to rebug.. LOL

    heyman it will say the save is from another user etc as i have never had psn on my cfw console..

    can someone please give me a link to the 3.73 spoofer.. i can't find it.


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    Bartholomy Guest
    Can't you just manually move saves to the proper folder, directly from usb with a file manager? I don't get why you want to use the sony version for transfer a save.

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    elser1 Guest
    i want to use saves from my cfw console onto my psn ofw console thats why.. and the reason is i only play online now and want those saves for trophies etc on my psn account. if i can't find a 3.73 spoofer and do the data transfer i will buy a downgrade flasher nd upgrade then downgrade with psn.. not many game saves work from another user and from cfw to ofw!!

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