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    SexyVampiire Guest

    PS3 data recovery help?

    M`kays now, I have a Ps3 here in front of me, with 2 activation discs and 3 pkg`s on the system.

    First one. MGO Alpha. (AKA Patriot alpha, Needs disc and pkg to run)
    Features a two stage metal gear online LAN game that supports up to 8 players, And has a menu option called Patriot, Which is basicly, Some weird test map for MGS4, with 100% free camera control, changable backgrounds / maps, enemy spawning, ect.

    Second one, MGO beta. (AKA Premiere Beta, Needs pkg alone to run)
    Features a multiplayer online mode and a trailer of the game, it can NOT be used anymore, Since it connects to official servers and has nothing to connect to anymore.

    Third one is LOS beta, (No project name, Requires pkg alone, Just says Castlevania)
    Features about a third of the game and then you reach a deadzone where the story cannot advance (Enter room, No monster spawn)

    Forth one is Netflix beta, (Requires disc alone, Says INSTANT STREAMING DISC on the front)
    For some reason I suppose netflix was ran by monkies and had no desire to build a pkg file for streaming netflix for PS3`s and this disc was required sometime ago, May not need to back it up since I am sure there are quite abit of these, And it probablly just uses methods of connectivity similar to what was used by hackers quite some time ago in the form of "BD-J homebrew"

    I have heard quite abit about a "Swiss army knife" for connecting the HDD to the PC, but the last time I tried it, It always seems to automatically format the harddrive and not view any data. So. Not sure what to do in that situation...

    So, If any of you know a way for ripping these discs and pulling the data out of the HDD, Please do say so, and before it is asked, No, I am Not running a CFW.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    With no CFW you're chances of getting anything out of it are pretty slim - close to zero practically, sorry ...

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    SexyVampiire Guest
    No chances at all?...*sighs* well, Thanks anyways.

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