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    PS3 Data Corrupted on all new games help?

    I tried today to install Tomb Raider-DUPLEX and Crysis-Duplex and before that i tried to install Transformers im on rogero 4.30 v2.05 and some games has worked to install but latley all games get "data corrupted" the games dont even show up in multiman so i have to find them Iris manger and when im load the game a get this error !!

    Is there some friendly soul out there who can tell me how to solve this way ? Do i need to reformat my harddrive? can i backup up saves and something else before doing it? will i still be on CFW? Or is there any easier way to solve this??

    Please HELP me !! Best Regards from sweden !!

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    How are you "installing" (transferring) your games to your PS3?

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    through ftp with a pc

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    It looks like your HDD is dying. You can try formatting but you'll most likely have to replace it.

    You can backup your data to an external drive before formatting or replacing but your trophies won't be backed up.

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    it isn't possible to sync trophies on 4.30 rogero?

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    If you're going to replace your HDD, here's how to:

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    Try copying the game through USB to internal hdd, or play them from external hdd. You may have had errror in transferring the files.

    And at NTA yes its possible to sync trophies on Rogero 4.30 if you sign into PSN

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    I sometimes get data corrupted on games and cant see/play them in MM. its because I have external usb hdd connected to ps3 and turn it on when using ps3 and then right off after using ps3. when this happens, I just transfer those titles back to usb hdd.

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