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    minos55 Guest

    PS3 Custom Firmware questions help?

    Hello, I just want to ask. If somebody could point me in the right direction, cause i haven't been following the scene for quite some time now I installed the kmeaw 3.55 on my ps3 and a rebug spofer that is all, after that i didn't tinker with my ps3. But now came alot of games that i can't play on my cfw anymore.

    I have seen alot of new CFW out but I don't know which one to take and if it is safe to upgrade from 3.55 kmeaw without losing all the saved games updates and games from my multiman folder if I upgrade to a newer version of fw will my games stay and still be playable also those that were fixed with eboot to work on 3.55?

    I have been searching on the net but there is just so much information that i don't know what to follow anymore, so please help. Some step by step guide would be awsome also.

    Thank you in advanced

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    hilongo Guest
    Hi there minos55 ...

    I can tell you about my own experience. I had 3.55 kmeaw with nothin else (no spofer or anything) with many retail games launched via MultiMan and a bunch of PSN games on the internal HD patched for 3.55

    I took the plunge and went straight to Rebug 4.30.1 and after that I still can play all the games that I could play before, plus the new ones that doesn't work on 3.55

    It was a simple task and took me about 20 minutes to get it done (I followed a guide that made me go from 3.55 -> Rebug 3.55.4 -> Rebug 4.30.1). It is said that you can go back to 3.55 Kmeaw if you like.

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    dyceast Guest
    You should be safe, unless you have downgraded your ps3 to your CFW, then i think there is an extra step you have to do before updating. Sorry cant remember the steps for that...

    Rogero has updated his lately, but rebug is still good...

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    minos55 Guest
    Could you tell me which guide you followed, and is that cfw safe like kmeaw? Also My OFW was something under 3.55 i think it was 3.41 i bought the tekken bundle when it came out.

    thank you in advance

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    minos55 Guest
    does rogeros firmware also support ps3 games and psn games that were patched to with eboot fix for 3.55 kmeaw?? Or do i need rebug rex or what rebug did you use so you can play ps3 eboot fixed games?

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    Azrial Guest
    I'm in the same boat, I'm on Kmeaw 3.55, I want to upgrade to a newer CFW, but don't know which is best, and if all my downloaded games and PSN titles will still work if I do upgrade.

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    KaizokuAfro Guest
    Is Rebug 4.30 compatible yet?

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    hilongo Guest
    As far as I know ... Rogero has some issues with the PSN games that were patched to work in 3.55 so you have to repatch them... and Rebug is more compatible (I have just teste Rebug... with success)

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    BluRay Guest
    We have 6~7 different working 3.55+ CFWs, the odds are, all of them will work perfectly and you won't notice any major difference between them, so how you want us to tell you which one is the best?

    I tend to consider Rebug the superior CFW, but that's mostly because they test their stuff a lot before releasing so you usually get the final version in your hands, while some devs released lot's of upgrades to fix the issues that shouldn't even been on first release to begin with (Rogero, SGK), even so, they're all fixed up now and pretty much all of those 3.55+ CFWs are good to go.

    As for tutorials, there really isn't much to tell, you're on 3.55 Kmeaw? Install 4.30 Rebug over it. Seriously, that's pretty much it. If you want you can also install Rebug Toolbox on Kmeaw to enable QA Flag, but remember to remove the disc on the drive to make sure you won't use it's upgrade instead.

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