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    torp Guest

    Question PS3 Custom Firmware questions help?

    Hi everyone!

    I'm new to the scene, but I'm eager to learn. I've read a lot of guides and forum posts, but none of them really explicitly explains these things (probably for legal reasons), but here goes:

    - How do the different CFWs differ in terms of functionality, stability, etc.
    - What is the significance of 3.55? And when can we expect that kind of functionality to say... 4.21 or something?
    - How does Multiman work? Does it trick your PS3 into "thinking" there's a disc in the slot?
    - Is Multiman the tool required to play PS3?

    Thanks in advance. I really appreciate it.

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    hackurmom3 Guest
    i hope you had answers , for my own I use multiman a lot for the FTP connections, it makes a connection via pc or any device I'm always using my iPhone , to my ps3 so you can work on anything , I also have a dongle , now somebody have to correct me if I'm wrong but with that , if I have the eboot patch for the game I can make work the games without the real cd but I am using multiman too for that.

    I looking for help too , I can't run black ops 2 blus on my jb ps3

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    The differences between the CFW's are slim to none, the stability is no problem anymore if you stay with known dev's. I Like the REX CFW for it debug features which can be handy

    For 3.55 you have to patch every new game and stuff to run and it is a hassle and the new FW also add support for some stuff

    How does MM work in short its mouts/redirects you BD drive to an folder , some games run without a DB in the tray some don't

    MM is the most developed backup manager out there there are others but they mostly work the same way

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