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Thread: PS3 Custom Firmware identification help?

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    Sannakji Guest

    PS3 Custom Firmware identification help?

    I'll try and keep this as succint as possible.

    I bought what I believe to be a CFW PS3 off someone yesterday. It is a Korean 320GB Black Slim (I live in Korea). Upon boot up, the Rogero logo comes up. On the XBM, there are many indicators that this is a CFW PS3; multiMAN, install package folders, etc. However, when I enter multiMAN, there are many files (how much are we able to talk about on here? ) but almost none of them work. The vast majority cause the PS3 to crash back out to regular desktop. One of them, let's call it MGS:HD works.

    When I go to system settings to check the firmware versions, it simply states 'Version 4.31'. In my experience with CFW on the PSP, shouldn't it cite the CFW creator, like 'Rogero 4.31' or something?

    I would also, preferrably, like to upgrade to a 500GB HDD, which I have.

    So; what do you think I should do?

    A) Return the PS3, because the firmware version and games not booting up sounds like something is not on the level here


    B) Maybe try and revert back to 3.55 while at the same time upgrading the HDD, and then going from there?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm a complete noob to PS3 CFW because I never thought I'd get my hands on one so never really read up on it

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    AcIdMaX Guest
    1. make sure you have a Ps3 game in your drive
    2. after selecting your backup in multiman it will kick you back to the xmb
    3. the disk in the drive will now show the backup you loaded from multiman
    4. profit

    If that don't work then you have some other problems

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    tigereye Guest
    Do as AcIdMaX says if that doesn't help try to reinstall CFW.

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