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    [Answered] PS3 crashing help?

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    I've a ps3 slim 320GB unit.. On fw 3.41. Never downgraded.. I use hermes v4b and ps3 usbjailbreak dongle to jailbreak it..
    Everything was working fine.. I got killzone 2 from a torrent to play.. I loaded it via gaia and it was working but when i pressed the PS button the scrolling was very slow.

    I thought that it might be that the game is good and uses lots of power.. Then one day i tried to launch via MultiMan and it said that eboot has some problem and ps3 froze... Then i restarted and loaded via gaia and it said that eboot needed repairing or something.. I selected yes and then the game loaded and i could play.. Now whenever with the jailbreak i scroll in the xmb from the video menu to the game menu the scrolling is very slow and is not smooth...

    Many a times it crashes and nothing can be done other than restarting while all other menus scroll smoothly and easily without any problems. None of the video files are playing.. Whenever i try to play a video file the screen goes black and nothing happens... However, when the console is started, without any jailbreak dongle, it works fine without any problems apart from this that multiman copies the games to external hdd very slowly.

    I want to ask what to do.. I really love my console and i dont have money to buy another... Moreover, i am not upgrading to 3.55CFW so don't give that suggestion... I was thinking of formatting the hard drive once and then restoring the ps3 system from the recovery menu...! What do you ppl have to say.. Please help...! Thanks in advance...

    And i forgot to mention that i when jailbreak wasnt put up i copied video files of around 6 gigs to the external and they were copied fairly quickly.. like in 12 to 15 mins...!!
    Last edited by SinnerShanky; 03-15-2011 at 09:31 PM Reason: Automerged Doublepost
    Best Answer - Posted by Starchild2k:

    sinnershanky, I know that you said that you didn't want to upgrade to the latest CFW, but bro a lot of the problems your having is due to the fact your on such a old firmware and MM. First off you dont even need to use the dongles anymore with the PS3 the system you are running should atleast be updated to 3.55 CFW NOT 3.56/3.60 OFW.

    To pull this off make sure your 3.41 FIRMWARE to the original if needed. To do that you need to put create folder on the USB Stick with name PS3 once you created the PS3 folder go inside that folder and create a folder called UPDATE. The folder UPDATE is were you will be putting the PS3UPDAT.PUP. To further explain the PS3UPDAT.PUP is a firmware file it has to be in the PS3\UPDATE directory on the usb stick for the PS3 to read it. This file can be either a OFW or CFW.

    I recommend installing this firmware (http://depositfiles.com/en/files/11eygdt9e) its the latest NAIMA CFW that was just released today. The reason I am recommending this is the fact you don't even need to do anything like in the past to accomplish getting on PSN this firmware does everything for you which makes the task alot easier.

    I assure you its safe I have been screwing around with the firmwares for quite some time now and I haven't had a bricked FAT/SLIM system yet! Anyways if you do decide to install this download the file (LINK ABOVE) extract it with WINRAR OR 7ZIP then put the file PS3 on a usb stick and install.

    If you dont know how to get into service mode all you do is with the system off press and hold the power button wait for the system to shut off then release the power button the again press and hold the power button wait for the system to make 2 fast beeps then release the power button.

    it will ask you to press the PS button THIS IS IMPORTANT plug your wireless into your system with your usb charger cord that came with your system. once that is done press the PS button to continue go down to system update and select that accept the agreements and allow that to install that will put you on the latest 3.55/360 CFW!

    message me if your having issue I will be more than welcome to walk you through them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SinnerShanky View Post
    Moreover, i am not upgrading to 3.55CFW so don't give that suggestion...
    I have to ask - why not upgrade? Better compatibility, more homebrew options...

    Anyway - if it's JUST Killzone it could be a bad rip / copy
    First re-copy the game and try again
    Second re-acquire the game

    There might also be a patch or similar available - try updating the game (Not the firmware - just the game)

    Otherwise - it might be an over heating issue which is best dealt with by a repairer / Sony.

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    how can it be overheating only ven its in jailbreak mode..? Moreover now even when i'm not playing killzone and i've deleted it off my hdd the ps3 still crashes... Please read above again... Its mentioned...the whole case is... please read.. i think you might be able to give me a solution...

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    Sorry - had trouble reading the first post - bad headaches day today!

    You could try changing the hard drive (Even to a smaller one for the purposes of testing) and then see what happens. To change it you'll need the 3.41 firmware on CD/USB just pop the current drive out and the other in so long as it's the thin SATA 2.5 drives it should fit without a problem.

    At least if you went this way you could test to try and find the slowness and not lose any data. 'course if you're not worried about the data - pull it out and format it using a laptop/PC then put it back in along with the 3.41 firmware.

    This will give you a fresh copy of everything to go through the jailbreak again.

    It's POSSIBLE there's some data corruption etc.. So it may or may not help to use recovery mode and repair the database but I wouldn't put a dollar on that being true. - Still, something to try.

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    thanks for the suggestion... But theres one thing that i'm not able to figure out that why is it crashing only when jailbreak is put in...also why is data copying slow only on multiman and not on copying other things such as songs and movies??

    Moreover, i was thinking of restoring ps3 system from the recovery menu... It starts everything from scratch so is it equivalent to formatting the hdd and starting again??
    Last edited by SinnerShanky; 03-16-2011 at 08:33 AM Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    Yeah, it's like a FW reflash and a HD format in one step. Make sure you back everything else up. I had a bit of an issue similar to what you were talking about last night after loading a game via MultiMan, but after a reboot it was fine. Are you on the newest version of MM?

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    no i'm on 1.12.05... I preferred it over the latest version because i didn't understand all this lv2 and peek poke stuff...this version was the last to have released dedicated to just ofw 3.41 after the encryption keys were released so i used this and did not update further..

    So you mean that it is not necessary to format the hdd via a laptop... The restore ps3 system from the recovery would do it on its own??

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    Yeah, but first I would update to the newest version of MM. Since you are still using a dongle you don't need to install any separate LV2 patch, it will work just like the old versions did. Do that before going through the hassle or formatting your entire drive and loosing all your stuff.

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    i don't care about the stuff... All i care about is my console...i'l update to the latest version after restoring the system... It'l work right??

    and hey whats a hard reset and how to do it??
    Last edited by SinnerShanky; 03-16-2011 at 02:23 PM Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    Hard reset? If you mean video reset, with the console off hold down the power button until you hear a single beep then release. This resets the video output to 480i on both the HDMI and analog connections. This won't do anything to the O/S though.


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