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    PS3 crashes in Backups help?

    Hi guys,

    i have a problem with my PS3. I'll start with my setup:

    PS3 FW is 3.15, jailbreak - Notari and PL3 - Kakaroto compiled by me, Gaia Manager.
    My PS3 often freezes while playing a Backup games.
    I have formated my HDD, but it freezes again.
    It's not at same place every time, but always while loading.

    Please if someone have any idea how to fix this freezing to share it with me.

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    I have used Hermes' payloads and had no issues with 99% of my games. When I switched over to PL3 PSN version (first time I used PL3) i stumbled on a number of freezes and restarts and who-knows-what! Thank heavens evlisperm, cyberskunk and xoeo came up with a stable payload referred to as CE-X. Theirs is very stable and I would recommend theirs. But having said that, I still tend to load Hermes v4B to play backed up games. Perhaps you should try an older stable payload. (I use either multiMAN or GAIA)

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    I agree, I use multimanager v10, OPM v2.1D and Gaia 1.03 and 99 percent game backup rate too.

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