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Thread: PS3 CPU Reball Question help?

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    BlackStallion Guest

    PS3 CPU Reball Question help?

    so here my issue.. i have the old beast.. the best PS3 ever.. the CECHE-01.. backplay, 4 usbs, card reader.. biggest hard drive, best processor, all that jazz.. BUT.. i think i scratched the tracks on the cpu.. SO.. a friend of mine has a CECHA-01 that i want to rob teh cpus from and have them reballed onto mine CECHE-01.. ive already looked into it and they both use the same precessor.. my question here is..

    Do the CPUs control the backwards compatibility of a console?

    because, of the 5 PS3's i own.. my original is the ONLY one that has it. which is the one i need the CPUs replaced on.. so you can understand why i'm going through the hassle.. and i'm not trying to be rude here.. but i don't want to hear anything about "oh with all that work you could buy a new slim" PLEASE... i need your help.. thank you in advance to all who can.

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    racer0018 Guest
    No the CPUs don't control that.

    The one your friend has has a ps2 type chip in it that makes it work with ps2 games. Now the newer ps3s that could play ps2 games use software and not hardware to do this. The ps3 your friend has uses hardware and not software. Sorry.

    But if you are going to reball a ps3 reball both the CPU and the gpu. Thanks

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    BlackStallion Guest
    thanks for the info.. but its my buddys PS3 that DOESNT play PS2.. MINE DOES.. im wanting to fix mine with his parts..

    so am i correct in say that taking HIS CPU & GPU from a NON PS2 playing and put it on mine that DOES play PS2.. it will work fine?

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    racer0018 Guest
    There are other problems. The gpu will work but the CPU is married to your ps3. So can change that. And his is married to his ps3.

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    BlackStallion Guest
    getting the motherboard reballed involves the company completely removing the CPU and GPU to replace with leaded solder.. i was just making sure i could switch the CPU on the consoles

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