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Thread: PS3 CPU / GPU still too hot help?

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    2tailedfox Guest

    PS3 CPU / GPU still too hot help?

    Hi everyone, Now that multiman can show me my cpu/gpu temperatures, I've been doing some experimenting with cooling. It is my understanding that anything over 60C is too hot and that this is a big part of what can eventually cause ylod. It is also my understanding that the RSX usually runs hotter than the cpu.

    With arctic silver 5, copper shims, 19 blade fan on full blast, and holes drilled in the case on my cecha01, the temperatures are still too hot. my cpu is getting to about 62-64c and the gpu is about 41-42c at idle. I know that I ham making very good contact with the arctic silver 5. I've done and redone this many many times on several different units, and I know that I have a good 'footprint' for sure.

    The rsx seems pretty ok at the 41 deg, but the cpu seems too hot. Also, I can't really live with that much noise from the fan being that high.

    So anyway, on to the question. Is it more likely that the culprit for my cpu temp being too high is the thermal glue under the heat spreader, or is it more likely that it's getting too hot because of a weakening solder ball?

    I can remove the heat spreader and put some as5 under it, but I wanted to ask here first to make sure that it wouldn't be a waste of time and an unnecessary risk.

    Thank you in advance

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    smelly45 Guest
    Hi i would try and change glue first.

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    2tailedfox Guest
    ok. Another question then. Does it have to be glue? Can it be just more as5, or does glue actually have more conductivity to it? I'm also considering using ic diamond 24 carat instead, perhaps on all thermal surfaces related to rsx and cpu.

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