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Thread: PS3 Corrupted Hard Drive

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    logawi3 Guest

    PS3 Corrupted Hard Drive

    ok... lets see how to start this... when i turn on my PS3 shows that the hard drive is corrupted screen. i try to restore it but instead it freezes and reboots my ps3. anybody got any answer to help this noobie? :X thanks...

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    Seraphim863 Guest
    You'll have to format it. Use the Format option under your PS3 System Settings. Yes, you'll lose all of your data.

    This looks like a good time to upgrade your Hard Drive

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    logawi3 Guest
    well... i would reformat if i could... cuz i cant even get to my main menu screen... all you see is Hard Drive is corrupted would you like to do want to restore so theres no other option so i pressed yes... it finish restoring... bam restarts and same thing over and over... Btw... my PS3 are Green and Blue. none of those yellow or grey colors ppl be talking about...

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    Seraphim863 Guest
    If I recall, removing the PS3 HD and reinserting it will force the PS3 to format it. Removing is easy -- you'll see "HDD" on the side of the system. It just slides out.

    If you have some method to plug a 2.5'' HD into your PC you may format it that way, too. I believe it's FAT32.

    If neither of these options are available, and you aren't looking to expand your HD, I would give SONY a call. There must be a way to format without having to send it in.

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    vishwa2008 Guest
    my hdd is corrupted too, but i can't format it

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    thebuttphukka Guest
    i have to agree with Seraphim863....

    othwerwise it would be a good time to change your 40/60/80 Gb hdd to a more capable one

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    Zeborg Guest
    remember, is very easy corrupt the info in the Hdd, simply power-off the console when the play3 write on the Hdd (hdd led on) ALL the games remember that when save data on Hdd, this problem is more complex when the data is encrypted, the data mis-saved by the ps3 maybe considered direct "hacker manipulation" (remember ps3 is a dumb machine )

    why this? (my personal logic) the data saved by ps3 is not verify by encript-algorith because not finish the write process (remember, you or another shut-down the system before the ps3 finish that) and now when the ps3 try to read, find "invalid" data on the hdd.


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    ericb24733 Guest
    try a friend who has a ps3 at 2.50 fw and try the recovery mode options they have.. Im pretty sure it would work.

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