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Thread: PS3 Corrupt Game Kung Fu Rider help?

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    saberhero Guest

    PS3 Corrupt Game Kung Fu Rider help?

    Hi, I just played Kung fu rider yesturday, for half an hour. After when I exited the game I went back to the ps3 break menu and it showed no other game on my external hard drive. So i thought my hard drive was corrupted.

    So then i used Get back data to get back my games it took like 12 hours, after that finished i loaded my games back on to my external and it showed up with no picture and no game title on the ps3 break screen only the ps3 Game folder eg BLES-7002. Then i press play and it says its corrupted

    So I put the external back on my Computer and open the game file and the PNG file was not recongize.

    What should I do? any help appreciated.


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    firsttry Guest
    Do not play this game again! It happens to me too a time ago! This will happen if you have this game from extern. Put it on intern and it works (so it was said). For your own safety- DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN!!

    I didn't test it on a 3.55 just only on the ofw 3.41.

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    dime Guest
    if you have the firmware 1.7 should work now.. try to delete all files you have of the game in your ps3, then test again, the version usa or EUR works fine extern and intern.. with open manager 1.13.

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    misiekxxl Guest
    hi, i have the same thing with my ex hdd to whole data was lost when i checked it at my pc i found wird files at it (i was loading it via multiman with orginal game in drive) but its not all.. after playing this game my blu reay drive is now broken (not loading any BR games)

    when i put game in it start reading it after fee sec i herd nois just like cd wants to get out and it starting trying to load again and nothing after

    slim 320 ~2 month so its almost brand new

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    dime Guest
    did you made back up of your dev_flash folders? if the BR don't read you need to reinstall dev_flash, if you didn't made the backup, you have to search for new one, as the same as your model of ps3.

    or you can just talk to the person that you bought the ps3 and tell him that ps3 doesn't work properly, still have garantee so use it but i suggest you try to install the dev_flash

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