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    PS3 Copying Prohibited Data help?

    I want to transfer 'copying prohibited' data to my PC so I can modify/edit it, then put it back on my ps3. (this is all on the same user and same PS3)

    However I cannot do this do the obvious fact I cannot copy copying prohibited data, so I was wondering is there anyway at all to get past this?

    If it is of any use it is Transformers War for Cybertron data. I know this can be done on Xbox 360.

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    What about FTP? You pretty much have direct access... unless your PS3 isn't modded I believe.

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    Unless you have cfw your out of luck the ps3 hdd is encrypted the reason you can do it on the xbox 360 its hdd isn't encypted it has a program to open it and view all your files on pc if your talking about game saves no way to mod ps3 game saves like modio for xbox 360.

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    I'm a noob so could you please tell me what FTP and cfw are. Thanks

    Had a dumb moment sorry, I know what cfw is.

    So is it possible to get the 'copying prohibited' data from my ps3 onto my PC by using cfw, and then edit/mod the data, then put it back on to my PS3, and then remove the cfw?

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