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Thread: PS3 is copying external hdd movies to internal hdd ?

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    me2010 Guest

    Question PS3 is copying external hdd movies to internal hdd ?

    Help, Getting everything ready atm to JB my PS3, Firmware now on 3.41 , replaced internal 60gig with 500gig & a external samsung 500gig.

    I Have put a bunch of movies and music on the external under a VIDEO and MUSIC directory, while i am waiting for my dongle to arrive.

    Yesterday, i noticed that my ps3 copying external hdd movies to internal hdd by itself ? WTF

    How do i stop this double up Madness ?

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    What exactly you mean - how does it demonstrate itself? Hame you not selected copy on your external foldder by any chance? I've never heard of that and I seriously doubt the PS3 would do that on it's own ...

    Have you actually seen it copying it accros or do your files now appear on their own under Video and Music section without you selecting the external USB hard drive? What's the remaining free space on your internal drive?

    Maybe some screenshots would help to show what's happening there ...

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    me2010 Guest
    Mate, thanks 4 replying , i removed all the videos/movies i had on my internal, copied all the movies i wanted to my external using my pc, then i plugged the external to ps3 and everything was fine , they all came up in the g2 potable device, watched a bunch of them then turned ps3 off.

    Then yesterday i noticed when i turned it on that my system internal space had gone down by 20gigs, so i went over to videos and it had copied a bunch of them to the internal to my horror. no chance i copied them to internal i would have seen the usual copy dialog come up.

    Gonna delete them and see if it does it again, just thought that an UN- JB PS3 might need to make a copy to play, but since thats not the case. see if it does it again.


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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Realy weird ... unless it's it's some new "feature" I have no idea how that happened. Just try it again and report back. Does it happen for Music as well or just for Video?

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