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    eMsLAjv Guest

    Unhappy PS3 controller will not sync help?

    I have recently took apart my ps3 controller and when i put it back together it would not turn on i plugged it into my ps3 and all the lights would just blink but never do anything i unplugged it and the controller would just turn off i tried resetting the controller but nothing will work it just does the same thing. if anyone knows what to do please help it would be most appreciated.

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    LiteSoul Guest
    Was your controller working properly before you took it apart?

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    elser1 Guest
    did you wreck anything on the controller when pulling it apart or re assembling it? is everything hooked up right?i had a controller that wouldn't sink once, i just tied some lead around it and it sunk. LOL

    nah all i did was keep turning ps3 on and off with controller hooked up via charge cable. does it recognise it while connected via cable?

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    windrider42 Guest
    Try charging it fully on your pc, and then try it on the PS3 again, doing what elser1 says.

    Thats how I got mine working.

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    anonim123 Guest
    Try resetting the controller, it's a small pinpoint button on the back. Then sync it by turning the console on from controller with a USB connection between.

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