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Thread: PS3 controller not responding help?

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    TheIronArmy Guest

    PS3 controller not responding help?

    Hello, i've got an issue with my dualshock 3 not responding to input, specifically the ps button.

    I've had the controller for roughly 2 years now, i bought it used and modded it (led lights). Last night while playing GT6 it started acting as if there was a sbort. (pressing the left joystick left to steer would result in other "buttons" being "pressed" without actually touching them)

    I disassembled the controller to clean and check everything. There were no breaks in the soldier points,or on the softboard (visually).

    After reassembly the ps button wasnt turning the controller on. Plugging it into the usb all 4 lights + ps button would just blink,again without assigning a number. After pressing the reset button on the bottom and reconnecting same issue.. Now im wondering if the battery is charging/dead. Leaving plugged in and hooked to a multi–meter i can see the battery is getting a charge.

    After about 45 minutes of 'charging' i disconnect the controller,and again no power or lights (unless i click the reset on the bottom)

    Has anyone else had experience with this before? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    P.s. Could it be the battery may be getting a charge, but just not holding it? (Bad/damaged/old cells)

    Well i decided to go a step further and disassemble the battery, I found a Soldier point disconnected at the ground(but still touching), after re–soldiering the wire the battery seems to work just fine now. i was able to get the controller to sync,however my left joystick is all that is working.

    I have no response from the PS, select, start, d–pad, triggers, right joystick or the shapes. However if i disconnect the battery from the board, then it works fine... o.O

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    lalocbzxy Guest
    try to replace the battery with another voltage source like the usb output but connect those pins to the battery pins in the controller

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    TheIronArmy Guest
    Hey thanks for the response. Using a pair of micro low voltage test leads i was able to jump the pins from a usb cable i stripped the end off of. The buttons still weren't responding, but the lights were much brighter than i've seen (they've always been dull). I used my web spider to look for any possible explanations regarding the buttons not working and the softboard.

    I found after an hour that someone else had the same issue,& the cause was a rectangle piece of foam that pushes the contacts of the softboard to the circuitboard tends to breakdown/flatten with age/use. I was able to use a small piece of foam strip that i had to replace it. And everything is working as it used to again. I cleaned the contacts with some alcohol and reassembled.

    Thank you for your idea of 'jumping' the pins on the board where the battery goes, i was able to determine my battery is weaker than it should be (could be a result from that ground being off) but i have ordered a replacement.

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