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Thread: PS3 Controller Modifications Problem

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    LeonBlade Guest

    PS3 Controller Modifications Problem

    Hello everyone,

    I read countless tutorials on how to put an LED in your PS3 Wireless Controller under the PS Button. I took apart my controller and I didn't see the LED label on the chip of the controller.

    Also, my controller didn't look the same at all to the pictures I saw. I have the 40 GB PS3. Was the older controller the only one you could do it on?

    If someone could get back to me on what that's all about, that would be great.

    Thanks again,


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    DarkArchon Guest
    hey leon, do you have a dualshock 3 or something? Im not too sure about them, but with the other ones all you do is solder either the leftmost leg of the sixaxis plug thing (i can post a image if it helps) or you can alternatively solder to the solder point TP11 on the other side - for +ve of the LED. For the -ve side just solder to any ground connection, its common to solder to point 5 on the bottom right of the controller.

    Post up a pic of your board, I might be able to highlight where you need to put solder points to. Make sure to photograph both sides.

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    MisterX334 Guest
    it is way too distracting i think, and pretty useless cause you look to your screen and not DS3/sixaxis.

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    DarkArchon Guest

    Big Grin pretty colours

    It just makes your sixaxis pretty

    btw, ill be posting up shortly a multi-light mod tutorial.

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