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    jabberosx Guest

    Red Face Ps3 Controller Locks up

    Hello everyone.

    I have 2 controllers with my 60GB PS3 (Original 2006 Release day Ver.). I have noticed an issue with both my controllers where they Randomly Lock up while in use for a couple of sec's (4/5). As i play a lot of COD multiplayer, this is really annoying as I usually end up getting killed.

    My controller tends to get stuck in a left turn and keeps on twirling me around till i unlocks. At that time no button works except the PS button.

    Has anyone else seen this issue ? or has any idea what can be done to fix this. I've had this problem for over a year now. But its really become very annoying lately. I tried a new controller and noticed the issue with it too. Though that didn't twirl me. Just stuck and then 4 secs or so later unstuck.

    Don't know why i didn't think of asking here before never occurred to me. DUH

    Suggestions ?

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    xplozion Guest
    So, how do you unlock it? If this is happening with a brand new controller too it might be a comunication issue with you PS3 to the COntrollers.

    Have you tried reassigning the controlers to the console? If "NO" try it. If yes.. How about playing with the USB cable plugged in? Play for a while with the USB then unplug it and keep playing.

    In the other hand.. I hope you are not that guy who i keep seeing in MW2 looking at the sky and turning endless till killed hehe

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    jabberosx Guest
    Lol.. I probably AM that guy ...

    To answer your questions:

    1). I do not have to do anything to unfreeze.. It just starts working again in 4 or 5 secs.
    2). Reassigning controllers doesn't make a difference.
    3). Issue does nto happen if i use USB cable.
    4). Sometimes, the the controller actually goes offline and prompts me to connect the controller. In which case i have to hit the PS button and it starts working. But that is rare.

    All in all, i think the issue is with the Bluetooth communication between the controller and the PS3.

    My bluetooth headset works fine. during the time the controller craps up. So i know its not the blue tooth controller on the PS3.

    I am really stumped.. not sure what is going bonkers with this thing.

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    ell470 Guest


    Are you sure there isn't a collision between the controllers and the headset?

    I've heard somewhere that scenario could occur, but that should be fixed once controllers is reassigned with usb cable connected.

    have you googled to see if there is any known issues for using (whatever brand of headset you're using) on the ps3?

    I use the sony original, it's not very comfortable (maybe a have odd shaped ears), but it gets the job done and works perfectly.

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    xplozion Guest
    I think the collision can be possible. But i guess that right now he have tried playing without the headset.

    Try using your controllers at a friend house to see if they present the same problem but my guess is that they will work just fine.

    Dont know what else can be happening aside from the Bluetooth conflict

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    jabberosx Guest
    Nopes. It's not collision as it happens even when I am not using the headsets. Also noted that a fully charged controller doesn't display the behaviour... Only when the battery is half or less.

    Don't have any friends nearby with a ps3

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    xplozion Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jabberosx View Post
    Nopes. It's not collision as it happens even when I am not using the headsets. Also noted that a fully charged controller doesn't display the behaviour... Only when the battery is half or less.

    Don't have any friends nearby with a ps3
    Thats weird! How far from the PS3 Console do you play usually?

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    jabberosx Guest
    usually I am 10 - 12 feet from the PS3. The usual living room layout..

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    SNaHHaN Guest
    I have had the same thing happen to two of my oldest controllers.

    What's interesting to note (at least, for me) is that I have another controller that is a Dualshock controller and I haven't had it lock-up on me at all. I've also had this controller for as long as the Dualshock controllers have been out.

    Are your controllers Dualshock? In other words, does it have the ability to rumble? If so, that throws my theory of the older controllers causing something to hiccup. If not, well, I suggest getting a Dualshock controller since I haven't had any lock-up issues with it yet.

    Oh, and for the record, my older controllers still lock-up on me. I just don't use them for gaming -- mostly watching movies while my gaming controller recharges.

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    neclud Guest
    i have the same issue just now in the xmb. Controller freeze for 5 seconds, i thought my console hang up. Then all unfreeze, and i can list the menus again. Don't know why this happened.

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