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    mihaiolimpiu Guest
    Hi guys, I hace a PAL PS3 60 GB model with BC (first model), and I have 2 SIXAXIS controllers...
    The controller never locked up or acted strange (with the exception of booting after linux - but that is fixed now) so I don't think it's the controller.

    Now I don't know if there are different revisions or how to see that.. so I don't know if this is of any help!

    The problem is like this if you have 2 controllers and both exhibit the same problem then it's not the controllers! The odds that both are defective are too great... Probably the RF from the PS3 has a problem and needs to be changed or it could be a bad update... (pr just a bug that happens with specific controllers - like the bug that prevents knockoff controllers nowfrom being used)

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    jabberosx Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by SNaHHaN View Post
    I have had the same thing happen to two of my oldest controllers.

    What's interesting to note (at least, for me) is that I have another controller that is a Dualshock controller and I haven't had it lock-up on me at all. I've also had this controller for as long as the Dualshock controllers have been out.

    Are your controllers Dualshock? In other words, does it have the ability to rumble? If so, that throws my theory of the older controllers causing something to hiccup. If not, well, I suggest getting a Dualshock controller since I haven't had any lock-up issues with it yet.

    Oh, and for the record, my older controllers still lock-up on me. I just don't use them for gaming -- mostly watching movies while my gaming controller recharges.
    No they are not dual shock. They are the original six axis controllers without rumble. And they are authentic Sony. not knockoffs..

    Guess, will buy a new Dualshock and see if it continue's working. Its real wierd. I wish, there was like a master reset switch on the ps3 controllers

    Maybe it just needs to be reset and re-synced ?

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    hewlett123 Guest

    I signed up this forum to reply to this post. Before update 3.15 I never experienced any lockups. Unfortunately right when I updated to 3.15 I bought a BT headset for my phone and use it consecutively with my classic Sixaxis controllers. These are the original, no rumble, Sony Authentic controllers.

    Lately I have experienced the lockups on almost all of my 4 controllers. It is as you describe exactly: 4-5 seconds, usually involves holding down the directional pad. I haven't had any of the buttons remain pressed / locked.

    I am extremely interested to hear if you've solved this issue. I have not been able to. When the BT is off on my phone the lockups don't *seem* to come, but it may be I didn't play long enough to re-enact them, or I wasn't playing a controller intensive game where it would matter.

    PS: I'm almost 100% sure it's BT disturbance though. It may be that the older controllers don't send a strong signal or are more prone to radio disturbance. Whatever it is, it seems that when I have the BT headset on it's got a higher chance for freezing.


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    jabberosx Guest
    Hi Hewlett,

    Nopes no luck yet.. But what I am trying to do next is to drain the controllers of charge completely... and then try and see if they can be synced again. Essentially do a reset if i can. and see if it makes a difference.. Though i think it is just plain old wear adn tear. It might be that the controller's BT module might be wearing out. I'll be buying a new one shortly and test that as well. If THAT doesnt lock up. Then i'll know its the exisiting controllers BT. Else it might be even my consoles BT module.. though again.. BT audio is not effected.. arrgghhh..

    Well.. we'll see. I'll keep on updating here as i see anything happening.

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    ell470 Guest
    It really sounds like some kind of bt disturbence. (any cellphones, laptops or other hardware with bt enabled?) My setup is a 40gb Pal with 2 of the old sixaxis controllers & I've never had a problem with my controllers.

    My only problem is that my "on/off button" (the touch one on the front) doesn't work, "eject button" works fine though.

    Anyway, you got any neighbors with ps3s that could interfere? All my neighbors are old retired people so I know none of them has one that could screw with mine.

    Good luck, hope it works out with the new controllers if all else fail.

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