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Thread: ps3 controller downgrade and HDD ?

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    ehud0406 Guest

    Question ps3 controller downgrade and HDD ?

    hello, i have a few questions about a few problems i have.

    A) I bought on Ebay (an year ago) 3 remotes with sony writings on it of course it was fake and now in my 3.15 they don't work.
    is there any way to fix this problem? (by flashing the nand in the controller or in the otheros that play's original BD-R's)

    B) I know that in the DEBUG console there is a file that downgrade to firmware to 1.00, now i have retail console with 3.15
    if i convert my console to debug and downgrade it to 1.00 will i be able to convert it from the debug to retail and "upgrade" to 2.70/2.80 with the fake remote working?

    C) Is there any way to connect the HDD to pc and see the contents of the drive? (i have a HDD cloner that works without pc - but i don't have another HDD, and i have HDD2USB and DOCKING)

    thank you very much

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    CJPC Guest
    A- Sony, depending on the FW has disabled and re-enabled, and then disabled 3rd party controllers - your best bet may be to just pick up a Sony controller.

    B - You can not (yet) convert your Retail console into a debug unit.

    C - There is a way, you can search on it, but it is a long, involved process (and you need the PS3).

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    danylobernardo Guest
    thank you very much

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