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    X3nophon Guest

    Exclamation PS3 console without Blu-Ray drive


    I recently purchased a PS3 for a cheap price by auction at eBay. In the description it says that there is neither a hard drive nor the disc drive included. I know that it's not a problem to replace the hard drive by any 2,5'' drive, but as far as I know there aren't any full PS3 blu-ray drives for sale.

    In which way can I still use the console other than a dust catcher? Will it still boot without a blu-ray drive hooked up and will I still be able to play PS3 demos or other PSN downloads?

    Thanks for your responses,

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    CJPC Guest
    It will boot without a blu-ray drive, however as I recall, pretty much nothing will authorize - that means, no PSN games, games installed to the HDD etc!

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    X3nophon Guest
    Oh.. that's bad news. I'm sure this is just another measure to prevent game piracy.
    Could you think of a way to "trick" the system? I'm sure all those download services would still work with a broken blu-ray drive, so making the system think that there is something plugged in would maybe be enough.

    And is there any way to get a complete blu-ray drive? The only things I heard about are laser replacements. I also read that the drive is somehow "married" to the motherboard with a unique chip or something, so this probably complicates the whole thing even more.

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    CJPC Guest
    Well, the problem is that yes, the drives are tied to the board - more specifically, the drive board is tied to the main board. Somehow it also deals with authentication of encrypted files. You could swap the drive assembly out (laser, etc) with another - but without the same drive board, you are pretty much SOL.

    If you got the unit cheap enough - grab a Blu ray drive, send it into Sony for ~ $150 - they should be able to fix it for you. However I bet that + what you spent will end up being more than the cost of a new PS3.

    I'd ask the seller about the drive mainboard though, mention its tied - you don't need the drive, just the board - you may get lucky and be able to grab in, in which case you will essentially end up with a working unit (in time).

    For now - use it to view pictures, until something can be done about it (sadly).

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