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    sammy73 Guest

    PS3 Codehacking....

    I just got a PS3and had a couple of q's.....I know this a probably a old question, knowing there are no plans to release a commerical one at least... just wanted to know if any body has a homebrew version to game cheat on games... i know swap magic had there add-on version a while back... also, wanted to know if i go to back up a game of mine, can i place it in my cpu and run clone or alchol or is there a certain program used. Knowing that it is blu-ray, the files are going to be big... Any help with this...

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    Transient Guest
    No homebrew on PS3 yet and definately no commercial Codebreaker-style cheaters. Can it be done someday? Perhaps...

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    failiure Guest
    Cheats available for the latest and greatest PS3 and PS3 games
    do you mean something like this?


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