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Thread: PS3 Cinavia questions help?

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    bkn0x Guest

    PS3 Cinavia questions help?

    I've seen so many fixes to bypass Cinavia but none of that has worked my PS3 is 4.31, and I had some movies I would like to stream from PC - > PS3 in living room and they all get shut down or they will start to like skip and lag if their not shutdown by Cinavia

    is it a lost cause?

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    go4 Guest
    Are you on cfw?

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    bkn0x Guest
    I'm so new to this idk what cfw is

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    go4 Guest
    Custom firmware. It's pretty much the only way to break cinavia the easiest. If your running ps3 media server, you might just need to update it to a newer version. It's been ages since I have used media server so not sure. Another method is to re-encode the files. DVDfab, mkvmerge etc are some that others mention. Don't know if you tried any of that yet.

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    Arthas Guest
    hi, using of reencoding will work, else you could try splitting the files into 20mins intervals files and making a playlist to view on the Ps3.
    There was a workaround of changin the date. but wasn't able to counter the cinavia issue with that.

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