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    holydragon Guest

    PS3 CFW update advice help?


    I modded my PS3 about 3 months ago and the mod was fairly complex.. I installed E3, put the system into service mod with Teensy, and now everything is working. When I completed the install I think I installed Hermes (?) CFW and also have the E3 dual boot enabled.

    After I got things up and running, I packed it all up and put it in away but have recently pulled the box out of the closet. I plugged in an external drive with quite a few backup titles on them and quite a few didn't work. So I'd like to understand what steps I need to take to further update system.

    Right now, I'm running 3.55 CFW. I don't use any particular dongle and all games are run through multiman. Is there a CFW that I should upgrade to? Is there a simple upgrade process? (Just update on USB and renaming?). Are there spoofs for the 4.XX software?

    I just feel like I have the 70% solution now and would like to close. So any help would be appreciated.

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    fantopoulos Guest
    kmeaw 3.55 cfw and rebug are best compatible versions with multiman even though i notice doubt of few hundred titles only 2 do not work on multiman but work on rogero v8 cheers

    i would change hermes to kmeaw, but this is up to you, i have no probs at all hope this helped.

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    sintax Guest
    I haven't been up to speed with PS3 things in some time. Does kmeaw 3.55 not being updated to a newer version of the firmware indicate a negative thing?

    Have PS3 CFW efforts hit a stumbling block past 3.55 / 4.X? Is there a list somewhere for what things will not work on 3.55 (i.e. 4.X software, Amazon VOD, etc..)?

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