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Thread: PS3 CFW Save File to OFW and Online Multiplayer help?

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    newworld41 Guest

    PS3 CFW Save File to OFW and Online Multiplayer help?

    Hi Everyone!

    The Story and 100% confirmed: If you have an unmodified OFW PS3 console and buy and play Street Fighter IV and then buy and play Super Street Fighter IV, the game will detect that you have a Street Fighter IV save file and will unlock 2 additional colors in Super Street Fighter IV for all of the characters in the game.

    Background: I have REBUG 4.41.2 LITE EDITION and I loaded Street Fighter IV from my external harddrive in mulitMAN v04.46.01 and then I started the game and of course as with all games, it created a save file in the Saved Data Utility (PS3) the XMB menu just like any other game.

    But, I have bought Super Street Fighter IV and I have a PS3 with OFW (not modified in any way) and I really want to go online with this game and play multiplayer with the 2 additional colors.


    1. If I copy the Street Fighter IV save file from my CFW REBUG 4.41.2 LITE EDITION on a USB-memorystick and then load it up on my OFW PS3 in order to play online, will I somehow or in someway or for some reason risk getting banned because PSN will think that the Street Fighter IV save file is modified because it comes from a CFW ps3 console, therefore I risk getting banned?

    2. Anyone have any experience, heard or read somewhere that this is safe to to without risk getting banned? Or is like any other online related questions, you risk getting banned no matter what you take from or do on a CFW PS3 console or even if you just simply copy a save file because PSN considers the save file as modifiedand will ban you?

    3. Is it confirmed that when you go online, PSN checks your save files to see that it is legit and that you are not cheating? Even though this is 100% legit to do on a unmodified ps3 console

    3. Any file, homebrew, save file, trophy data, whatever, anything at all (cheat or no cheat) etc. that you copy/download or take from a CFW PS3 console and load or install in a unmodified OFW PS3 console, and then go online, you risk getting banned from PSN?

    I really don't want to get banned on my OFW unmodified ps3 console because of a simple thing like this. I just want to be sure that it is safe.

    Any help or information is appreciated!

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    niwakun Guest
    1. No, I dont see it why you get banned for just a save file that was properly signed like it was a legit one.

    2. No bans were reported due to use of a resigned save file, its almost impossible to detect specially if that save file was done legitimately (by means of legitimately you played it without cheat), if you use a modded save file like in BOPS2 with lots of unlocked things and modified stats, then you deserved a ban. But hey, the main point here is use a clean save file and youre safe, it doesnt matter if you played it on CFW or not, as long as you played it without cheats using that save file is good.

    3. No, the heck with that checking, everyone got banned already if they do that since with that kind of checking you can potentially ban legit users by 60%

    3?. No save file are legit files that is created by the legit game it self, the only thing detects sony from your console in your PS3 is the trace of homebrew files on game folder, not in save folder

    -- So the main point here is you are the king of the game as long as you have your ConsoleID in your hands, you can literally load any save files out there in the cyber space. You can just download the save file pack, resign it and do a plat on that game in less than a minute or hour.

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