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Thread: PS3 CFW PSN guide?

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    naive1016 Guest

    PS3 CFW PSN guide?

    I am on rogero 4.46 cfw and have installed stealth multiman and sen enabler. I believe I got everything ready to go online and I do know I still risk getting banned. Is there a guide that shows more detail of what to do to get online. I have not done it yet.

    Also I have done the triangle button plus R3 on SEN but when I rebooted I believe it reset to my original PSN ID. Do I have to do this all the time if I wanted to play a game online because I believe I need a flash drive in the usb port to do this all the time with the files and I usually use the usb ports for a hard drive and charging a controller. So I don't exactly have a free usb all the time.

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    niwakun Guest
    CFW and PSN never been a good match, so getting online in CFW always had a risk of ban, no matter how careful you are.

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