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Thread: PS3 CFW to play newer games help?

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    nsnasser Guest

    PS3 CFW to play newer games help?

    I am using Waninkoko's PS3 Custom Firmware 3.55 v2 PUP on PS3 Fat. I have been out of the PS3 CFW loop for about a year now. I notice 4.50 CFWs are available. Should I be upgrading to that in order to play my newer games? If so any recommendations on which 4.50 CFW to use?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    drphuz Guest
    IMHO you should use REBUG 4.41.3 REX edition. Compatibility is good, and its easily downgraded/upgraded. I tend to stay away from Rogero CFW. But I do like HABIB 4.50.2. And if you choose to make your system DEX, PS3ITA 4.50 DEX is nice.

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    nsnasser Guest
    Thanks for your advice. Do I need to need to install 3.55 OFW before I install REBUG 4.41.3 REX?

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    windrider42 Guest
    Personally everything so far still works on 3.55, as there are fixes available for most games.

    Rebug is fine if you want a bunch of additional stuff. Rogero is simple and sweet like OFW

    So you may want to check out each features:

    CFW 4.50 is not really recommended by many as the OFW 4.50 had bugs in it, but its up too you if you wish too install.

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    Gfear Guest
    Upgrade. i play everything at rebug dex

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    misiozol Guest
    1. OFW 3.55
    2. CFW 3.55
    3. Enable QA flag and check if it is enabled and delete enabler so you don't disable by mistake
    4. Dump EID key with eid key dumper it will help decrypt ps3 HDD in case of ps3 death so data can be retrieved, and transfer it to external usb drive
    5. Check if check sum is correct on downloaded update package and Install CFW of your choice rogero, rebug etc. 4.46
    6. Install corresponding to FW file manager of your choice multiman, iris etc.

    I did reply on other post from second page just skip no.1 and you are ready to go, BTW

    no.3 Is quite obvious use toggle_qa.pkg

    no.4, Download eEID_RKDumper.pkg , install it , then run it console will dump eid key to hdd in dev_hdd0/tmp/ it will be file 48b in size named eid_root_key use file manager like multiman and copy it to external hdd/flashdrive. It's important to do it while on 3.55cfw as it only works on 3.55 and that's it.

    And format usb drive in fat32, DL again UPDATE.PUP and check as user Vorlone written check sum with external program on your PC like MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility.exe

    I would not go yet to any CFW4.50 as they are bit WIP , but 4.46 is perfect I would recommend rogero 4.46 v1.0 or rebug 4.46.1 REX

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