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    PS3 CFW on OFW 3.42 help?

    I get these error messages when I'm trying to update my PS3 (which is on OFW 3.42) to OFW 3.55: 8002F2C5, 80029C55 and 8002F19A

    I've tried in safe mode, but then I get this error: 8002F19A

    So.. can I update my PS3 from OFW 3.42 to CFW? Or do I've to install OFW 3.55 to install CFW's?

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    Feb 2010
    Yes please update to OFW 3.55 first. Then update either through xmb or recovery mode to cfw.

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    But what if I can't update to OFW 3.55 through xmb or recovery mode? Should I try to to update to CFW from OFW 3.42?

    I can update to OFW 3.42 through recovery mode (same FW I already have). I thought that it would fix it if the OFW 3.42 was bad, but it didn't solve the problem

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    Feb 2010
    Hmmm... Are you sure your download does not have any problems. Please verify the checksum on it.

    Also whats the background history on this unit. Was it downgraded etc.

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    stoffinho17 try rebuilding file database and file system through recovery menu before installing OFW 3.55.

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