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Thread: PS3 CFW for my particular case help?

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    twopassatman Guest

    PS3 CFW for my particular case help?

    Total noob here, so I apologize in advance .

    I just picked up an 80gig fat that is running 3.41 and I have an E3 that came with it and works well. With all the new developments, what would be my best course of action to go dongleless and not lose what I have already backed up on the HD. One important factor might be that I don't go online at all with my PS3s... not sure what that might change. Simple is better for me. I'd greatly appreciate any advice.

    I also have a 60gig fat that I've rebuilt and use, running 4.11. With all the new things going on, should I be thinking about going CFW to be able to use saved backups as well? Can I even do it?

    Thanks again.

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    G Sus Guest
    you've got one on cfw why not have that one on ofw so that you can use it for trophys and account management etc.

    surely it makes sense to have an ofw one as for the dongle, keep it they have other uses, if you'd rather have both on cfw though, you may as well just go with rebug 4.25 rex since its the only one that appears to be 100% stable and bugless.

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