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    Blade86 Guest

    PS3 CFW multiple WLAN Configurations help?

    I want to write a WLAN Profile creator/switcher. I'm carrying my ps3 to a lot of friends & everytime i need to do the whole network-wlan-conf-process.

    i know:

    The settings are stored in the xRegestry.sys located in /dev_flash2/etc/
    Those 4 networks start at 0x00000960 and end at 0x00000CB0 or 0x00000CC0

    Anyone know how 2 change those values on-fly-by? (Like the param.sfo auto-patch)


    P.S.: Deank, you implement this idea in your next MM-update?

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    dyceast Guest
    OK This is just a quess. And I dont like to touch any dev_ directorys except fckPSN lol..

    But if you are certain that the settings are stored into the xRegesty.sys , then why dont you configure it up to say you WLAN, and then save that .sys file, then configure to your mates etc, and then save that file, then to go a step further, you could make a single .pkg per friends house and your settings and then keep them on your HDD, so everytime you load up, run the pkg who ever's house your at and wahlah lol.,,

    like i say though, just a guess

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    Blade86 Guest
    OHHHH MAAN, nice idea that totally would rock.

    I got an exam tomorrow, but after that im gonn try this

    Thank you dyceast!!

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    niwakun Guest
    swapping xregistry on ps3 will not work, since the ps3 had a backup xregistry somewhere and restore the file to last original phase.

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    Blade86 Guest
    what about xReg Plus v1.0 from rebug on DEX?

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    niwakun Guest
    Dunno, never tried it.

    xregistry is registered on PS3, if you want. Just full backup your dev_flash2 where your PS3 configuration is stored. You can also overwrite the backup that you got and it will work just fine, but ofcourse you cant use the other PS3's dev_flash2 files.

    But still you cant just mess up with dev_flash2 or else you will got this:

    - All youre activations on PSN or DLC will gone
    - One or more of your save files might not work, specially the locked saves.
    - Your PS3's configuration will totally reset just like you first boot up your PS3. Like you will see the "Sony Make.Believe" Message

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