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    Blade86 Guest

    PS3 CFW multiple WLAN Configurations help?

    Anyone knows where the network-configuration-file is located? I want to write a WLAN Profile creator/switcher.

    I'm carrying my ps3 to a lot of friends & everytime i need to do the whole network-wlan-conf-process. If there is a "XML-like" configuration file, maybe we can save those to another location & write a script (or a Multiman-plug-in, or convince Deank to implement this 2 his next update ) to switch between multiple WLAN Configuration-Profiles.


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    arktos Guest
    that is a nice idea, but isn't it saved in xregistry.sys with password, so you can have only 1 connection at time?

    edit ah, a switcher. so you have to read the xregistry file.

    i think everything you change or set in settings is saved in xregistry, but dunno about other files maybe involved.

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    niwakun Guest
    PS3 is not a portable console, it reside in one place so there's no reason for multiple AP configuration like in PSP or PSV.

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