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Thread: PS3 CFW info questions help?

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    BlurZz Guest

    PS3 CFW info questions help?

    So a lot of people have had this same question.

    What do we actually need to make a cfw install over firmware 3.55

    What keys? We need exploit?

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    NTA Guest
    LOL? If I recall correctly, this has been answered hundreds of times and probably by the same people.

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    ventust Guest


    Why new posts for old questions?

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    BlurZz Guest
    So... whats the answer...?

    All I want is a simple answer

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    SuperSaiyen Guest
    No simple answer unless you live in hacking/ encryption/ land. If your ps3 model is less than the 3000 series, you can downgrade with a hardware flasher to a cfw regardless of the fw you are currently on I believe.

    3k and 4k models are unhackable/undowngradable unless the near impossible happens, and some sort of master key is leaked, as it is doubtful $0ny made additional encryption mistakes to allow hackers to get them now.

    This post names some keys, but much more is needed to truly understand the significance.

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