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Thread: PS3 CFW Games black screen problem help?

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    arbazkhan Guest

    PS3 CFW Games black screen problem help?

    Hi guys, so I have Tomb Raider and Beyond two souls and both games are giving me the black screen freeze. I used the proper fix for each game but nothing would work. I search all over and some people say that using external hdd and BD mirror might solve the problem.. can you help me out?

    same problem with NHL 13 and 14


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    pizzag Guest
    Personally, I'm using habib 4.53 with an external ntfs drive with webman running all games in iso format and having 0 issues. You are going to continue to have issues with games if you are running older software that has numerous known compatability issues.

    Do yourself a favor and update, batch convert your games to iso, format your external to ntfs and leave those compatability problems behind you. Then, most importantly, game on

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    windrider42 Guest
    What CFW are you on? Are you using Latest Multiman?

    You can select BD mirror, have disc in drive. You don't need to use external if you don't have one. But is always nice to have external hdd.

    No need to convert all games to ISO as said above.

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    windrider42 Guest
    Also you could just use a different game manager such as Gamesonic or Irismanager.

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