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    SithOrder66 Guest

    Exclamation PS3 CFW error help?

    Hi All,

    I want to try and jailbreak or install custom firmware to my ps3. not sure if thats the same thing. My ps3 is an original 60GB model, but i have upgraded the hard drive to 600gb. i am running the offical firmware 4.50. my ps3 is a uk one.

    I want to be able play games off backup discs and i want to be able to enter debug mode, i think its know as DEX? I also want to know how to launch games in dex mode? is that possible? also is it possible to istall and play games from the hard drive its self? and i can i still play online and go on psn once this is done?

    I have tried to download a couple of custom firmware but when the ps3 is copying the update to system storage it always gives me this error when it gets to 70% "the data is corrupt (8002F957)" i have tried 3 different USB device all formatted to FAT32 and i have checked the MD5 and it is correct and matches what it should be.

    Please can anyone help me out?

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    misiozol Guest
    You need flasher for downgrade , and rest covered many times just use search. BTW don't DL games buy them, it kills development of new ones!

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    SithOrder66 Guest
    i dont download games thats why i asked about the psn, i just dont like risking damaging my disc so i would like to make a backup of the games i have purchased and play them with the backup disc so the originals can be kept safe.

    can you please explain about flasher i should not have to downgrade should i? i'm trying to install Habib CEX 4.50 V1.03 PS3 CFW and i'm currently on 4.50 so how come i need to downgrade?

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    misiozol Guest
    All CFW starts from OFW 3.55, to get to CFW you need first console that is on OFW3.55 and with console that is on OFW4.50 only way to get there is downgrade

    please read release notes on CFW it makes more sense on what FW it can be installed

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    SithOrder66 Guest
    i just did a search for cfw notes and could not find anything, please can you provide a link to them?

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    dyceast Guest
    As said before, you need a hardware flasher to downgrade back to 3.55 before you can install a CFW, that is a physical piece you need to buy not download, e.g. e3 flasher is the most popular but is only for NOR, so then you have to google what console model you have etc etc

    There is a lot into it, it may be easier just to sell yours and buy a CFW ps3

    They go for the near same price around my ways, hopefully for you to

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    misiozol Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by SithOrder66 View Post
    i just did a search for cfw notes and could not find anything, please can you provide a link to them?
    PS3 CFW & MFW
    PS3 CFW - The n00bs Guide

    All there and more

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