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Thread: Which PS3 CFW do I use help?

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    itzbilly Guest

    Which PS3 CFW do I use help?

    Hi guys

    I've been out of the scene for about half a year and have a kmeaw 3.55 PS3 phat.

    I recently saw that 4.21 has been 'jailbroken' (not sure if this is the proper term for it right now) and I'm seeing a lot of new CFW. The one that stood out to me is Rogero's 4.21.

    My question is:
    1) Which one should I install?
    2) How do I go from my kmeaw 3.55 to CFW 4.21?
    3) How much work and re-downloading of EBOOTs am I looking at, once I update to 4.21?


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    bigvern1979 Guest
    i use rebug 4.31.1 works great for me i just followed the instruction and flawless update and some of my games worked without new eboots but just install the game update via multiman and bobs your uncle i also updated from kmeaw

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    Itheunknown Guest
    I have Rogero CFW CEX 4.30 v2.05 and it works like a charm, just remember to:

    1 - Install OFW 3.55, and I can't stress it enough, OFW 3.55 and NOT CFW 3.55
    2 - Install Multiman 4.14 or later BEFORE installing CFW 4.30
    3 - Install CFW 4.30

    Most of my games seem to be working just fine, but all my .pkg games stopped working... they must be re-signed to run under other CFWs than 3.55

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    racer0018 Guest
    I would use rogero 4.30 v 2.05

    To install this install ofw 3.55 or rogero 3.55 v 3.07. Next go through the safe mode and select number 6. After that the ps3 will boot up on rogero 4.30. Next install the newest multiman. You dont have to worry about installing it before you install rogero 4.30 cause they put back the install package on the cfw. Now it all works the same as before you just dont have to patch games anymore. thanks

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    mschumacher69 Guest
    Forget about installing OFW 3.55 and Recovery mode, it's really easy. Just download the latest Rebug 4.30.1, it can be installed over 3.55 kmeaw from XMB without having to go through 3.55 OFW and Recovery mode.

    But before you do that, make sure you enable QA while still on kmeaw because you cannot do it once on 4.30. After you enable QA, update you multiMAN to the latest version and use it to make a NOR/Nand dump (in case things go south), then remove any original game disk from the drive and install Rebug 4.30.1 from XMB.

    That's about it!

    Regarding eboots, if you've been out of the scene for about half a year, then you should be OK, but if you had patched eboots and/or updates for 3.55, you have to restore the original unpatched eboots and/or original unpatched updates.

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    Emiya Shirou Guest
    move to new cfw only if you want, cuz almost all of the games are still playable on 3.55/3.41, I'm still on hermes 3.41 and only TASM gives me trouble

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    simon1234 Guest
    How do I go from a dongle 3.55 CFW 4.21?


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    mschumacher69 Guest
    Why go to 4.21? Go to Rebug 4.30.1.

    Just install it from XMB after you enable QA as described in my earlier post #5.

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    Azrial Guest
    How do you enable QA? I might have already done it but I did my PS3 years ago, so can't remember.

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    mschumacher69 Guest
    So check if it's enabled by trying the button combo.

    Go to Network Settings, stay ON Network Settings and don't go into Network Settings, and press L1 + L2 + L3 (press left stick) + R1 + R2 + dpad_down.

    If you see Edy Viewer, Debug Settings, and Install Package Files, then you are QA enabled.

    If not, download Rebug's toggle_qa.pkg and install it. Then run it from XMB, the screen will go black and you will see HDD Led activity then if all went fine you will hear 2 or 3 Beeps and the PS3 will Restart back to XMB.

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