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Thread: PS3 CFW 4.31 to OFW 4.31 help?

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    lampreia Guest

    Confused PS3 CFW 4.31 to OFW 4.31 help?

    Hello everyone..

    just registered here as a new member.. I am a tinkerer not a really jailbreak expert, but I managed to buy mine keeping in mind that I needed the 3.55 firmware to jailbreak it.. So, I bought it, and then I did the jailbreak.. I've been using the 3.55 kmeaw JB for over an year, and decided to upgrade to Rogero's 4.xx.

    So long story short I've been playing the newest games like Assassins creed 3, tomb raider Farcry 3 etc fine, but last night the Iris manager stopped loading some games through the external HD. So I downloaded multiman and tried loading games with it, and the same problem happened. I was on Rogero's 4.31 cfw firmware. But I could not find the download link for the same PS3UPDAT.PUP file (4.31 rogero's).

    I downloaded the OFW instead and dumbly enough updated the firmware using the safeboot feature through the usb flash drive via PUP file.

    So my question although I pretty much already know the answer, is: I'm stuck on 4.32 ofw now ? and I have to flash the ps3 back to 3.55 with the hardware flash method ?

    Or is there some new development (miracle) that can make me go back to 4.31 CFW ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    torres2005 Guest
    yeah you got to downgrade again with e3 no doubt

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    racer0018 Guest
    As stated before you will have to downgrade the ps3. However the flasher that you need all depends on the model of ps3 that you have.

    If you have cecha01 to cechg then you you will need progskeet cause you have a nand ps3, this will have to you solder to the nand chip on cecha or if you have another model that doesn't have motherboard cok-001 then there are alternate solder points on these boards.

    However the motherboard cok-002 still has three wires that need to be soldered on each nand chip. The rest of the motherboards for nand chips have these points. The E3 WILL NOT WORK WITH NAND PS3s. Also they make clips for progskeet.

    Now if you have cechh and up you can use a e3, progskeet or a teensy. These are soldered the the jtag points on the motherboard. Also make clips for the NOR PS3s. Thanks

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