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    classa Guest

    PS3 CFW 3.55 OtherOS++ Special PUP help?

    Cfw355-otheros++-special.pup anyone know where i can get it?

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    G Sus Guest
    each otherOS++ pup is diferent, theres quiete a few. this one will format your HD to 50% games os and 50 % linux


    there is also one for 20gig linux partition but i couldn't find it.

    found that one using google, so be careful. it didn't come from ps3 news, any damage that it could cause to your ps3 has nothing to do with either myself or PS3News. you use it entirely at your own risk. and i'd suggest finding a tutorial to use it with.

    it has SS patches applied whatever those are, but if you read a tutorial , i'm sure it will explain this.

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    Apr 2005


    I did a quick search for ya and found it linked below, the filenames are proper but can't vouch if it's legitimate or not so that will be your job now.

    The original links are DOA now: http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-hacks-jai...s-special-pup/

    Cheers to G Sus for beating me by 1 minute also! +Rep!

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    classa Guest
    thanks. downloading now. so i will report back soon lol.

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    G Sus Guest
    you've got choice of 3 there download them all and hopefully they have read mes, that will tell you what percentage of hd it will separate for linux partition, then just select best one.

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    classa Guest
    no luck so far. any help would be great. i have the special pup but when i tried to install it it said my ps3 was on the latest firmware which was a cfw 3.55

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    G Sus Guest
    which 3.55 are you on and did you update from xmb or recovery i believe its meant to be from recovery. and probably best to be on kmeaw first. its been that long since i did it though i cant fully remember. i only used it to get from cex to dex.

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    classa Guest
    i was on ofw 3.55 and installed the special pup in recovery mode. that installed fine. then i ran the qa flagging package and it beeped a few times. then i went back into recovery mode and tried to install firmware 3.15 but it said i needed 3.55. any help would be great. by the way my ps3 is phat 60gb launch model that came with firmware 1.00 or 1.10

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    G Sus Guest
    if i remember it isnt straaight forward either. just wish i could find the tutorial i'd used to get red ribbon onto my ps3.

    you dont need to install 3.15fw once the pup has formatted the hardrive and made the linux partition, you now need to install linux on the partition


    hope that helps

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    classa Guest
    it not that i want to downgrade i have lost blu ray play back some how don't ask me how i never downgraded this ps3. i want to get blu ray play back back with a 4.30 cfw

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