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Thread: PS3 CFW 3.55 OtherOS++ Special PUP help?

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    G Sus Guest
    if during 3.55 you tried to play a modern bluray and it was revoked, it sometimes knacks up your bluray playback. i'm not sure that 4.30cfw fixes it.

    i'm also lost as to why you thought the otheros++ pup would help.

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    classa Guest
    i read some where on this site that installing linux removes the checks for blu ray. and another way is to downgrade to a lower firmware to get blu ray playback

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    G Sus Guest
    ahh i see if thats the case , use the tutorial i gave you to install linux, and cross your fingers.

    i really hope it works because there is others with the bluray problem, i didnt know installing linux would correct it.

    before you do anything, check out multimans latest update it can now fix broken bd playback

    looks like you've wasted time, messing about with otheros but at least you know its fixable now.

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    classa Guest
    downloading multiman now the latest one. i will report back soon.

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    G Sus Guest
    good luck

    could be a good idea to put yourself on a good cfw first and not that otherOS pup

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    classa Guest
    just tried a blu ray is fixed it. but only tried one. so i am assuming they all will work. thanks for the help. i think i gonna go on a custom 4.30 emac or what firmware would you recommend?

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    G Sus Guest
    i'd personally go for rebug. but its got more features than most people need. Ermac is a great choice. its stable and works. and simple to install. you've probably made the right choice there. glad to see your bluray is fixed. (good old multiman)

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    classa Guest
    does the rebug firmware remove the cinavia protection like the emac one? i would like this feature.

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    G Sus Guest
    i assume so, i havent checked, ive never really looked into anything about cinavia protection.

    your probably better off on ermac anyway, rebug is full of features and menus that can mess your ps3 up, you might be safe with these features there, but someone else could seriously damage your ps3 with them.

    although rebug is the only 4.xx cfw that is also otheros compatable. you dont need otheros any more, safer to just go with the ErmaC or Rogero

    i've just checked and yes it has cinavia protection

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    classa Guest
    it does say that cinavia protection has been removed in the erman firmware but i am unable to test this yet but i will report back when i get a cinavia protected disk. once again thanks for your help

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