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Thread: PS3 CEHL03 Samsung RSOD help needed?

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    JonnyS Guest

    Thumbs Down PS3 CEHL03 Samsung RSOD help needed?

    Hi everyone, i have ps3 just in topic soft ofw 4.25 witch rsod i try repair by myself but no effect. i hear that susoft can help to repair rsod nor dump. i have it i check but i dont know how i can repair it via hexeditor. what block need to change or some else.

    i will be appreciate for help.

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    h82skate1968 Guest
    First you need to verify the dump. Take 3-4 and compare them with each other to make sure they are identical. This is very important or you will cause a brick. I have one RSOD that I can not get matching dumps. I have done some research and found information on the wiki that the problem is in the VTRM portion of the dump.

    Use HxD to look at the dump. The VTRM starts at 00EC4000. Keep in mind there are 2 sections in the code for the VTRM and a bunch of code in between them. There you will find 4 columns of code that should be there. If you find any bytes of code in between those bytes then they do not belong there and could be the cause of your red screen.

    This is from what I can figure out from the dump that was fixed for one of my consoles. Credit goes to susoft for fixing that dump.

    As far as fixing them, I have not made it that far. Hopefully someone will chime in to assist. I have added pics to give you an idea of what you are looking for.

    I think we need to share our findings so there can be a tutorial to follow on fixing RSOD with a flasher.

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    pinoytechno Guest
    let's share our knowledge guys

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    Susoft Guest

    Post here your dump...

    I Repair that.

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    JonnyS Guest
    topic not actual console have ylod. topic for close. but very Thanks for help

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