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    surfdawg561 Guest

    PS3 CECHG01 won't play dvd or blu ray help?

    Tittle pretty much says it all... I realize it could be from one of the dual lazers going bad but I thought that the earlier models (400AAA) only used one lazer.

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    elser1 Guest
    that happened to mine. i think it was that model. came with mgs4 pack. luckily was under warranty still and got replaced. i'd say its time for new lens

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    windrider42 Guest
    BD-400 2-888-817-01 KES-400A KEM-400AAA BMD-002 1-874-277-13 1-874-277-23 1-874-277-33 CECHGxx

    Single lens using cheaper parts (no mount)

    BD-400 2-888-817-01 KES-400A KEM-400AAA BMD-003 1-875-350-21
    1-875-350-31 CECHGxx SEM-001: 1-875-384-21 / BMD-003: 1-875-350-31

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    ominouschaos Guest
    I had to replace the laser module inside the CECHG unit I have. I totally forgot what model laser it was, but it's been working now for about a year or two. I guess there was a bad batch of lasers in those units.

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    crizford4816 Guest
    That's not nice.

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